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“After the armed robbery I was hesitant to send my son for counselling because I was not sure if it would be a good idea for him to relive the event. However in the following weeks it became apparent that he was suffering from severe post traumatic stress disorder. I could no longer take him into a shopping centre or into an environment where there were lots of people. As a single mother, trying to deal with my own post traumatic stress, the mental health of my little boy was concerning to me. The work that you have done with my son is amazing. You brought him to understand that bad things do not happen every day, that it’s okay to be afraid and upset and also to understand how important it is to express his feelings. I watched my four year old transform back into the bright and bubbly little boy he was before the robbery.”    

“My husband & I started marriage counselling with Melody and it has made such a difference to our marriage. Not only are we managing conflicts so much better, we have managed to find each other again amidst the craziness of our daily lives. We feel much better equipped to deal with the challenges of marriage and life. Melody is warm and approachable and she genuinely cares about her clients well being. Her advice is practical and realistic. My husband & I highly recommend Melody”.

“Counselling helped me to understand myself and my wife, and apply techniques to help us work through issues in a healthy way. It helped to speak to someone who could put things into perspective and give me the confidence I needed to believe in my relationship and myself “.

“Melody provides a safe environment to discuss challenging relationship issues. Partners are encouraged to speak from the heart and no topic is off limits. In my experience the advice and exercises we received were no-nonsense and practical. It helped us to largely overcome communication and intimacy issues, with tools that we can use in the long term to build a fulfilling relationship”.

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